A summary about the Lambro oil spilling

LambroThe third world would be a dream for us: “A summary about the Lambro oil spilling”


Do you understand now?

Il grande fiume
The spot of poisons has arrived yesterday in Cremona, on the PO river, Italy. This picture by Vitaliano Daolio witnesses what’s really happening west of the lock of Isola Serafini.

A real disaster! And this is nothing. We all hope that the “Protezione civile” (The Italian emergencies public rangers) will put more effort in stopping all of this.
Do you understand why it is important to go on the rivers, and protect them, and love them?
Shame on people who, for their own greed and love for money, destroy thousands of years of life and a resource which could feed many souls and bodies for centuries.


Lambro tragedy

LambroAs “men on the river” we are close to all people and wildlife living on the shores of Lambro, wounded by a tragic oil spill caused by sabotage.

Words can’t express our sorrow.

If that can be of any use, we are here to help.



Building the Ness Yawl – part 6


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Work in progress

The boat is under construction: Roland, Silvio and other friends are doing a wonderful job. It’s a masterpiece.