Ennerev, the good night’s sleep specialist for 50 years

Ennerev story is the one of a leading brand, based on a “good night’s sleep” philosophy which is the aim the company wants to achieve through innovative skills and experience. The company, founded in 1956, emerges in short time for the quality of its products: in ten years Ennerev enters the Italian market of mattresses and bed bases.

In 1988 Ennerev joined Doimo group, an important Venetian group in the furniture sector, which took over the brand and the plants renewing technology and equipments. Since then, the company production philosophy changes and focuses on an ambitious goal: to become the “Specialist of the good rest.” To achieve this aim Ennerev plays the card of diversification: it is necessary to offer to consumers a full range of products of high quality. Mattresses and bed bases come alongside pillows, textiles beds and complements furniture.

The results reward the boldness of this strategy: Ennerev brand grows stronger and becomes synonymous of quality, reliability and up to date product allowing the acquisition of significant national market shares. The interest shown abroad, where the company began a project of market penetration in Greece, Russia, Eastern Europe and Korea, and economic data, despite strong global economic downturn, show a substantial consolidation, confirming the success of this strategy.

Ennerev philosophy is based on a primary consideration: we spend 30% of our time sleeping and resting affects the quality of the remaining 70%. The company – says Danilo Basso, Ennerev executive manager decided to invest in the research of quality rest. We can do this with 110 employees and a total area of 64,000 square meters, a structure that allows to achieve within the entire production cycle. Our pride is to offer the market a product made entirely in Italy, with the exclusive use of domestic and European raw materials”. The distribution network covers, in a capillary way, all the national territory with strategic locations abroad: the company has, in this way, all what is necessary to move the “frontier of good rest”.

Cutting-edge materials, innovative ideas and quality are the bases upon which Ennerev works in the searching for an evolved comfort concept: The exclusive use of natural materials, the study of special allergenic treatments, the identification of ergonomic solutions, the use of production processes with a reduced environmental impact, are the result of a precise and conscious choice, which has its core in the “quality of life”.


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