Clodia on 1001 Boats

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Clodia on 1001 Boats



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Man On The River, just made! The promo

Here the first version, directed by Nicola Pittarello, of the promo showing at the Sheffield Doc Festival. Check the second version edited by Davide Rossetti.

The boat has left Venice!

It almost seems unreal. Up until the last moment, there were still holes to drill and screws to tighten. Then, a couple of hours later than originally planned, we were off.

Leaving Giudecca

After a few strokes of the oars, a light breeze started up: Jacopo and Giorgio, the canoe instructor and our third crew member, were able to sit back and enjoy. The sails are perfect. Ombra and Daniela from CO.RE. have done a great job.

The Canottieri Giudecca gave us a super send-off. We were honoured by having Giovanna della Toffola give a “toss the oars”, a thrill we were sorry to have missed reciprocating in the emotions of the moment.

We also thank Michael the Viking, who followed us with his boat, as well as Giovanni, Niccolo and Diana (whose masts, and more besides, will be travelling with us), Maurizio Raunich, Radames (who gave us fishing tackle) and many other friends besides.

Jacopo and GiorgioThen we lowered the sails and reached San Giuliano by rowing. Overall, a little farther than 8 km, covered in 1 hour 15 minutes. Thank you Giorgio!

With great generosity, Bebi Bruson and Sandro Rallo transported the boat – with us – to Motta di Livenza; not without one or two tricky moments!

De Girolami, and Gianni in particular, waited for us until well after the closing time and the boat left, full of our dreams and good intentions.

We will join it by train at Wargrave, close to Henley on Thames, at the Bushnell dock facility.

Thank you everyone! When we leave, every one of you will be on board with us.


We’re almost ready!

There is still some work to be done. Then Clodia will be ready to leave Venice. After three months spent in Lago Art Waiting Room, in the last two weeks we have been working in the open air, where we have had to contend with rain and snow. But at last spring has sprung!

Canottieri GiudeccaCanottieri Giudecca, a prestigious rowing club with marvelous people, hosted and helped us. I wish to thank Giovanna della Toffola, winner of four Venice Historical Regattas: she gave us warmth and really a lot of help.

Many friends have been supporting us in a miracle called solidarity: Silvio Lago was extraordinary, Niccolo Zen built some wonderful masts, Michael Kierkgaard put a touch of real Viking history on Clodia by shaping Norse oars for us. We are also grateful to Diana, Massimo Di Nonno, Jacopo, Giulia Julita, Alfonso, who fed us in our crazy working days.

The boat was tested in the Giudecca Canal and it’s fantastic. It flies gracefully over the water: thanks to Roland, Clodia must be your masterpiece.

Clodia on water
Yesterday we received an unexpected but most appreciated visit: Guillemette Dufouleur, “pianiste de l’aventure” and Christophe Clavet, “photographe de l’aventure”. They told us the story of their journey on a bicycle powered by human and solar power, and transporting a piano.

They are travelling across Europe to bring music where is not supposed to be and taking poetry to all of us. You can find more information on their trip at A fantastic and enlightened project: I hope to meet them very soon along our path as they will coast the Danube for quite some time.


After the Cello of Mario Brunello, what about the Piano of Guillemette Dufouleur? I will try to make it happen.

The last weeks have been proved to be a tough time for me, racing around to meet people, begging for help, finding stuff, giving interviews and finishing the boat. But I am very happy indeed. Jacopo is a fantastic companion and all the people I met… so I am both breathless and speechless: I’d have never reached this point without all their support.

On Thursday 8th, Clodia will be put into water to leave Canottieri Giudecca and reach a “De Girolami” truck, which will take the Ness Yawl to Wargrave (UK) on the Thames, at the Bushnell Boatyard, for free. A few boats will accompany us: it will be a very emotional moment for me.

Take care my friends. Be water.



A message from Mr Potočnik

We just received a message of encouragement from the European Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Janez Potočnik:
Commissioner Potocnik

“I am happy to send a message of support to Giacomo De Stefano, the Man on the River.

Your journey from London to Istanbul is an example to us all of how we can treat the environment more respectfully. As European Commissioner for the Environment, I know just how important it is that we pay more attention to our ecosystems and to the biodiversity we depend on so much – sometimes without even realizing it! You have found a gentle and effective way of reminding us just how much we have to lose.

From a ‘Man in Brussels’, to the ‘Man on the River’, I wish you the best of luck in your journey – it’s a worthwhile one!”

A warm thank you to Mr Potočnik from Giacomo and all the team!


Man on the River t-shirts

Our brand new t-shirts have been just delivered from the Male Fatte, a company that gives work to the inmates of the Venice jails. The t-shirts are hand-made of organic cotton, no chemical whitener, and printed with water based colours.

We are actually planning to sell them to finance the project: they are available in S, M , L, XL sizes, loose fitting (Giacomo usually wears XL but a L t-shirt fits perfectly).

Should you be interested in purchasing a t-shirt please write to and we’ll let you know the price as soon as they will be available for selling.





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