Bruno Porto – 2011 Co-rower

Bruno Porto is manager and partner of the Brazilian charter/tourism company “Mar de Angra” since 1990. In the recent years he has worked as a skipper in the summer-seasons in Italy, were he became friend of Giacomo. During this period he has collaborated in different sailing projects on the Mediterranean Sea, and also on “Un Altro Po”.

Fine Schaumburg – Photography & communication assistant

Fine Schaumburg is German and grew up in Hannover. With 19, she left her homeland and since then has been working and studying in Rio de Janeiro, Sucre, Venice, Aix-en-Provence, Beijing, Antalya and finally Amsterdam, where she graduated 2008 in Cultural Management. Her last sailing-project can be found under:

Emanuele Marcon - Communication Co-ordinator

Emanuele MarconPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit , Emanuele is a marketing and communication consultant with over fifteen years’ experience in corporate and social communication. He has worked in Italy and abroad for many companies and various public and governmental bodies.
Profile in Eden Exit

Jacopo Epis – 2010 Co-rower

Jacopo EpisGraduated in Sciences of Society and Social Services, then completed a Masters in Immigration the University of Venice.
He works in the migration services, taking care of the Forte Rossarol shelter for children without a family (Tessera, near Venice). He is a founding member of the AquaAltra fair-trade co-operative and has long been committed to environmental and migration issues.

Roland Poltock – Boat builder

Roland PoltockBorn in Dover (UK), he lives in Venice. He studied and spent most of his early years between England and the East, where his father was a British Army officer. For the past 40 years he has been building boats and musical instruments. He loves naval history and prefers building boats inspired by Norwegian tradition. In the seventies he was the boat builder for the Persian Shah.

Silvio Lago – Boat builder

Silvio LagoSilvio Lago retired early, has a hang up with his first name (the same as Italy’s current Prime Minister) but not his surname (“boat”) and is acutely conscious of the issues of capitalist society, devoured as it is by a demon at loggerheads with the world. Few things have marked his existence (such as the Inter football club).

Nicola Zago - Communication consultant

Nicola ZagoNicola Zago is marketing manager at Lago Spa. He has a passion for web and social networking. He is studying how to transfer the philosophy of the internet and 2.0 into corporate organisation.
Profile in Linkedin

Sebastiano Rizzardi – Copywriter

Sebastiano RizzardiEditorial director of STILELIBERO, Sebastiano (31) studied classics and humanistic studies and is in charge of content creation and management for corporate magazines. The writer of many articles, in his spare time he is editor of the monthly STILELIBERO.


Katarina Nedelkovitch de Marquezy – Media consultant

Katarina StojanovicGraduated in World Literature at the University of Belgrade, she also studied Fashion Design in Amsterdam. Katarina works in the media industry as translator and coloumnist, analysing the aesthetic of everyday life. She admires the cicles of nature and lives accordingly, seeing beauty and trying to protect it from deteriorating or vanishing.

Emanuele Favaro – Online Content Manager

Emanuele FavaroWorking as a self-employed multimedia specialist, Emanuele creates and develops web sites and applications as well as graphic design and video projects for public and private firms. He often casts his attention to the world, reporting on his findings in STILELIBERO.


Nicola Baggio – R&D Manager

Nicola BaggioNicola is an aerospace engineer, R&D Manager at SOLON S.p.A. His main research areas are Concentrated photovoltaics, Building-Integrated Photovoltaic and E-mobility. He is also a member of the IEC CT82.


Patricia De Ross – Graphic Designer

Patricia De RossGraduated in advertising at Unisos, Brazil, and in Visual and Multimedia Communication at University of Venice – IUAV. She has been employed in many design agencies in Brazil, before relocating to Venice, where she works as a freelance.

Claudio Tonel
– Multimedia management

Claudio TonelPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit, Claudio has been working in multimedia for over ten years, developing websites, CD/DVD media and other multimedia tools for Italian and international brands. He also holds lessons and seminars about programming and fair use of the web.
Profile in Eden Exit

Matteo Tinazzi – Web Applications

Matteo TinazziPartner and co-founder of Eden Exit, Matteo is a web designer for about a decade now. He specialises in dynamic sites and interactive applications. His skills cover the main operating systems, languages and open source tools.
Profile in Eden Exit

Michele Spiller – Photography

Michele SpillerProfessional mountain rescuer and a keen photographer, since last few years michele has developed his skills in photo reportage. He has taken part in photo exhibitions and has attended many contests desplaying his work mainly gathered during his wanderings in the search of mankind and nature. spiller’s blog

Linda Kaiser – Photography

Linda KaiserGraduated in History of Art Criticism from the University of Genoa, Linda earned her research doctorate at the University of Milan and specialised in the History of Contemporary Art at the University of Siena. She currently works as an art critic dealing with new international trends and museology, writing and publishing her photos as a journalist especially in the nautical field.

Julianne Davidow – Photography

Julianne DavidowJulianne Davidow is an American writer and photographer who has spent much of her time in Italy. A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and the Monterey Institute of International Studies, she writes on art, culture, travel, history, and spirituality. Her book Outer Beauty, Inner Joy: Contemplating the Soul of the Renaissance will be published in the U.S. in fall, 2010.

Sandro Soramaè - Organisation support

Sandro SoramaeWorking at the University of Venice as a systems administrator and computer expert since the beginning of the internet, he was also involved for many years in teaching as well. After gaining diverse experience and spending some time in private business, in 2000 he founded a project on tourism and the conservation of alpine areas. He now works on environment protection.

Marco Scurati – Strategic support

Marco ScuratiGraduated in Economics and New Media at Milan’s Bocconi University, he worked as consultant for Italian Telecom Web and as a content manager with Virgilio and Corriere online. Four years ago he decided to return to Venice, where he now runs a B&B.



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