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Astrea Società Cooperativa Sociale

Boat’s safety products

Astrea Società Cooperativa Sociale is the unique firm, which devotes itself to the manufacture of products for the safety of boats. After in depth researching and testing, the company was able to manufacture products characterized with elasticity and softness levels superior to all the others products in the market, by using a special material, also used in the manufacture of custom products for a pontoon firm.

All fenders are manufactured in one unique mould and will return to its original shape even after being subjected to a big impact or friction. All products are characterized by an easy and quick fixing.
The mooring fenders are manufactured in various models so as to provide for different needs and fixings. This complete range of products allow marina’s to use any zone to its maximum potential, increasing the marina mooring space by 10% by avoiding the use of traditional boat fenders. Moreover they add particular safety to service areas such oil station quays, entrance quays and tow zones.

The firm manufactures flat boat fenders, too. They guarantee steady protection in all conditions. Particularly cared in design, to offer the right elegance, INMARE fenders do not roll, do not stain, avoid the use of expensive fenders’ bag, do not deteriorate with time and guarantee an easy stowage. All qualities recognized by nomination for the company in the 2006 Dame Award (METS – Amsterdam).

Finally, a particularly effective tool is the NEREIDE mooring spring, which completes the range of products. Made with a thermoplastic material tuned up and patented by the firm, the mooring spring is completely resistant to the harsh sea environment and does not deteriorate even after long time spent in seawater.

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