Channel Crossing Completed!

Cheer up! Read the report of the successful navigation from Ramsgate (UK) to Gravelines (France) through the English Channel. We used the CET time zone (France time).

16.00 – ARRIVED Giacomo and Bruno aboard Clodia just reached the french shores of Grand Fort Philippe (Gravelines).
Giacomo’s first comment: “It’s a great emotion, we had a fantastic sail all day through, much smoother than expected and under a bright sun. We’re a bit tired after the 9 hours, 35 nautical miles Channel crossing, but seeing the bell towers around Gravelines is a wonderful reward! Tonight we’ll moor in the small harbour of 16th century’s Fort Philippe but tomorrow we’ll be on the move once more to reach Saint Omer.”
Thanks from Giacomo, Bruno and the entire team to all the people who supported Man on the River so far.

14.27 – 7 nautical miles to Gravelines (about 13 km, 8 miles). Sunny, sailing a 4 knot speed despite an opposite stream of 1.3 knot.

13.02 – 11 nautical miles to Gravelines (about 20 km, 12 miles). Still sunny, sailing a 3 knot speed despite an opposite stream of 2 knot.

11.07 – Halfway through the English Channel. Sunny and little windy. Everything fine so far.

6.45 - Clodia has left Ramsgate, 3 knot speed, weak wind.

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23 Responses to “Channel Crossing Completed!”

  1. bea wengel says:


  2. ian and sally says:

    have a safe and healthy crossing
    great to have met you
    keep in touch.
    sally ian.

  3. Marco Parente says:

    Nice surprise turn on the computer and find this news! A long awaited event! C’mon!!

  4. randy and janie says:

    Take care Giacomo and Bruno!! Land ahoy Mates, man the sails and hold the rudder the English Channel is about to be conquered. Great job, we are watching with excitement…

  5. bea wengel says:

    Grazie x info!! Siete grandi, veramente, e abbastanza veloci, no?
    Buon arrivo a Gravelines!!

  6. Nicola Zago says:

    Giacomo siamo tutti con te!

  7. Margy and Noel says:

    We thought of you at 5 this morning, and it is thrilling to be able to monitor your safe progress………….at last! Bon voyage

  8. bea wengel says:

    AUGURI! Adesso posso aprire il Champagne!! Peccato che non lo possiamo bere insieme – un altra volta! A la santé a voi due!

  9. michele says:

    Grande impresa !!! Un abbraccio Michele e Francesca …

  10. Marco Parente says:

    Grandi! Congratulations!!!! A nutshell wins the English Channel!

  11. Stefano (Londra 2010) says:

    Grandi! Mi era dispiaciuto troppo che non ci foste riusciti un anno fa!
    Buona avventura

  12. Carlo Bassetti says:

    Bravi! Sono contento di poterti ripensare in viaggio, Giacomo!

    In bocca al lupo!

  13. Brandon Ford says:

    Wonderful! My best hopes went with you. Now you are on your way. Enjoy France.

  14. Fantastici! Complimenti!!!

  15. Linda says:

    A great success! The new beginning is going very well. Many compliments!

  16. ian and sally says:

    well done giacomo , what a great experience,

  17. randy and janie says:

    Go Giacomo, You did it my friend. Keep up the great work in bringing attention to the cause. Very fun keeping up with you Giacomo.

  18. Sandro says:

    Ghessssssssss…. :-)

  19. Antonia says:

    Complimenti Giacomo e staff per l’impresa! auguro a voi di poterla portare a termine con successo e a me di potervi incontrare somehow, somewhere… Buon vento dal basso Adriatico, Antonia

  20. Giacomo says:

    Thank you my friends, grazie amici miei!! Ho pianto di felicità perchè questa traversata non era “solo” una traversata.
    Grazie a tutti. A tutti!! La barca è stata meravigliosa e Bruno anche. L’aiuto di Chalky and Keith and Paolo and Earl too.

    A super hug
    Grazie a tutti

  21. John & Joanna says:

    Great news Giacomo – well done to the three of you and we look forward to hearing of continuing progress. Are Paolo and crew with you yet?

  22. Giacomo says:

    Thank you my friends! Sooooo happy!! I dedicate this beatiful dau to the water the wind and to all the persons who unfortunately couldn’t make it.
    A hug for you all and still thank you for your support.
    We keep going now.

  23. Marco S. says:

    Bravi. you see Giacomo.. life start again and again and could be always better, trasformation, now your pain is joy. Waiting for you in Danubio…, Kisses man :)

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