Welcome aboard!

Dear friends,

GiacomoWeigh anchor! Well… we actually started the journey almost 8 months ago. So many emails, meetings, brain storming sessions, miles and sleepless nights. And how many wonderful people helping us. And how many “no, thank you’s”.
This journey is a very simple one. Yet behind the simplicity are many complex things happening. You’ll see it more clearly along on the way.

I want to thank all my friends like Roland, Silvio, Lele, Emanuele, Claudio, Bepi, Marisa, Alessandro, Sandro, Pati, Sebastiano, Fabio, Giovanni, Jacopo, Paolo, Armando, Michele, Marino, Vitaliano, Armando Annibale, Kathy, Julie, Pete, Gavin, Robert Jr, Jeff, Carl… and many other kind souls. The crew and the world are my family. So I thank them all.

The boat will be finished in 4 weeks, Roland and Silvio are working hard. Eden Exit, our communication experts, are doing a superb job. I’m running, biking, walking and sailing around – telling school children and old and young people about this wonderful trip. And I’m still looking for help. We have no money and we are still searching for some materials, such as canvas for the sail, tarpaulin, some equipment for the Ness Yawl and other stuff besides.

We need all of you to be on board!

Let the river run


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16 Responses to “Welcome aboard!”

  1. Giacomo, well done and true to your word. nice to see this up and running. thanks for everything, especially just doing what you are doing, and I hope to meet you soon. Good luck!


  2. Creed O'Hanlon says:

    An amazing project – and a worthwhile aim. I can’t wait for the journey to begin (beyond the build) and read about the responses it elicits. Buon viaggio!

  3. Giacomo says:

    Thank you my friends. A lot of good souls. All the web site is an Eden Exit miracle. They are super!

    See you on board!?

    Hugs and fair winds

  4. michael b. says:

    Bravo Giacomo, you’re my hero!

  5. Jake Frith says:

    Great project, if you’ve not done so already you should get a copy of The unlikely voyage of Jack de Crow http://www.amazon.co.uk/Unlikely-Voyage-Jack-Crow-Odyssey/dp/1574091522/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1265903398&sr=1-1
    apart from it being a similar journey in a similar perhaps even slower boat, it’s a really well written and enjoyable book. My apologies if 10 people have already told you to read this.

  6. Giacomo says:

    Thank you Jake, I have been delighted by the reading on Jack the Crow adventure, well..odissey. I would like so much to meet Makkinnon. Thank you for your kind suggestion. And thank you Michael. I am proud to be your hero. Just know you are one of “our” heroes too. probably you are very well known already among the “boat people” in Venice and Italy.
    We will keep your picture on the boat, with us, hoping that one day YOU will be there.
    Hugs g

  7. Ho scritto due Righe sul viaggio. Spero Ti faccia piacere :

    Con ammirazione ed un pizzico di invidia

    A presto


  8. Giacomo says:

    Grazie Alfredo. A presto e ti posto prestissimo su MAn on the River. Complimenti per il tuo sito. Tra l’altro.
    Buon vento e vieni con me se puoi. Basta seguirmi sulla pagina apposta che faremo.

  9. antonis says:

    Bravo Giacomo, you are amazing! Great job and great project! It needs a lot of patient, effort and knowledge for something like that!

    Keep working like this and you may earn a contract at Kos Marina!

  10. Giacomo says:

    Great Antonis!! Thank you for your help!
    I would be very happy to be the official rower of the Kos Marina (one of the best Marinas in the Med, believe me)

    See you soon

  11. emma says:

    è un gran viaggio e che sia bello… e sereno, tu e il tempo che ti accompagnerà!

  12. Fina says:

    giacomo! bellissimo! stai facendo un progetto molto bello, ti auguro tutte le belle cose… ti metto su facebook :-) baci di antalya x fina

  13. Giacomo says:

    Grazie Emma sei tanto gentile ed un giorno verrai anche tu a bordo. L’acqua è bella et umile et generosa. Un abbraccio g

  14. Giacomo says:

    Grazie Fina sei tanto gentile Un abbraccio grande

  15. Mónica says:

    Giacomo… toda la fuerza y las mejores ondas por este proyecto!… estare atentas a las novedades, que seguramente me dará el Giorgio y la Tere.-


  16. Giacomo says:

    Gracias Monica, una abrazo fuerte! Necesito que este pojecto tenga exito para desarrolar un nuevo mundo, mas cerca de la natura y de la naturaleza.

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