Taking time to recover

I’m quickly getting better.

Apparently, the virus that attacked me could have been waiting within my body for a very long time.

The worst time, according to Doctors, was about a month ago and I barely noticed it. I now realize that, although not feeling well, in the excitement of sailing I didn’t care much.

Sometimes I couldn’t stand up but it was just a temporary feeling.

In short: The infection has gone and so has the virus, the inflammation is now under control and oxygen is now happily running again in my lungs and in my brain.

Dr Dennis Malamis from Queen Elizabeth Hospital of Margate told me that I now need to recover my physical conditions and this could take from one to three weeks. I set my goal on the shortest option and I’m already exercising, as long as my lungs support me.

Jacopo is now working in Southern France: Well’ get together as soon as I’ll be fit to set sails once more. Clodia swings in Ramsgate, protected in a safe harbour.

I thank from the deepest of my hearth Dr Dennis Malamis for his professionalism and care, Penelope Wells for her kindness and her smile, and all the woderful staff of the hospital that has helped me so much.


I’m now in Ali and Anne’ place in London, surrounded by a nice garden and watched by two nice cats.

During this forced waiting, I’m working on the return trip from Istanbul that I wish to be at zero impact and condider an opportunity to communicate along the rivers with meeting, slide shows, etc.

Any idea is welcome: Nothing is wasted.

Navigare necesse est.

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5 Responses to “Taking time to recover”

  1. mauro says:

    oh vecio, no fare schersi! mauro

  2. Giacomo says:

    Grande Mauro dove sei?

  3. Be well, my friend. Remember last year about this time when you were also sick. Sometimes you push too hard.

  4. harry says:

    “I’m working on the return trip from Istanbul” wow. All the way to Henley?, or back to Venice?

  5. Robert Meyer says:

    The weather will be better next time, stay healthy now.
    A bocca di lupo!


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